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Welcome to The Vocalist!

Here, we will work with you to access your greatest vocal potential. With regular lessons, we will provide the training you will need to achieve your highest goals, and stay vocally healthy in the process.

  • Are you just discovering your voice? Let us be your guide to unlocking your unique instrument. 

  • Are you a seasoned pro or anywhere in-between? We will work with you to ditch habits that aren't serving you.

  • We are not a one size fits all studio. Utilizing the latest in science based methods you will find your most true and free sound. 

  • We are dedicated to your specific vocal and career goals, and will help you to achieve your biggest dreams through goal oriented steps.

I am so glad you're here, and I cannot wait for us to unlock your fullest potential. Let's get started!

Recording Session

What You Will Get...

Vocal Coaching 

Singer Performing Live

We Are Dedicated to...

  • Giving you the ability to navigate your break with no fear, and to blend smoothly between vocal registers 

  • Setting you free with a healthy foundation for all styles of music

  • Providing you with the keys to confidence in vocal performances

  • Unlocking your full range 

Child Star

 -Individual Lessons- 

  • Individualized 45 minute lessons to refresh and revitalize your voice

  • Single lessons will be booked at your convenience 


- 4 Lesson Package -

  • Four - 45 minute lessons 

  • Receive the keys to a strong vocal foundation

  • Begin to unlock your full vocal potential, and feel how consistent practice transforms your voice

  • Receive guidance on song choice and interpretation

  •  Personalized warm up mp3 included

Opera singer

-The Vocalist Membership-

  •  For those who want to be true masters of their instrument 

  • Secure a 45 minute weekly lesson time

  • Includes accompaniment tracks and sheet music when needed

  • 1 free audition prep lesson and 1/2 off additional audition prep lessons and all courses

  • Unlimited direct access to Christine via email

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